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For a society safe from the effects of radiation

Our vision is a society safe from the effects of radiation. We work proactively and preventively with nuclear safety, radiation protection and nuclear non-proliferation in order to protect people and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation, now and in the future.

Proposal regarding Independent Core Cooling

On Thursday 9 October, the Authority issued conditions on the design of the Independent Core Cooling function to the nuclear power industry. By the end of the year, we expect to take a decision on Independent Core Cooling. This decision will imply that the nuclear power industry must have implemented fully constructed Independent Core Cooling systems by 2020. This situation is described by Director General Mats Persson and Director Michael Knochenhauer in a debate article published on 9 October in Dagens Nyheter.

More than 50% of those surveyed are aware of the health hazard posed by radon

According to a survey, more than 50 per cent of people believe that radon is a health hazard. Radon measurement is needed in order to determine whether dwellings have a hazardous level of radon. The measurement season in Sweden begins on 1 October and ends on 30 April.

No health risks from radio waves below reference levels

Collected research findings do not demonstrate any adverse impact on human health from exposure to radio waves below the Nordic countries’ reference levels. This was announced in a joint statement issued by Nordic radiation safety authorities.

More stringent regulation of powerful laser pointers

Starting 1 January 2014, it will be prohibited in Sweden to be in possession of or use powerful laser pointers without a licence issued by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. Breaching the provisions risks a penalty of a fine or imprisonment for a maximum of two years.