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For a society safe from the effects of radiation

Our vision is a society safe from harmful effects of radiation. We work proactively and preventively with nuclear safety, radiation protection and nuclear non-proliferation in order to protect people and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation, now and in the future.

Main hearing concerning spent nuclear fuel repository

On Tuesday, 5 September, the main hearing began at the Land and Environment Court of Nacka District Court concerning SKB’s application for permission to develop a repository for spent nuclear fuel. In its capacity as the Swedish Government’s expert authority, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority is the Court’s referral body and thus attends each individual proceeding. Proceedings will be ongoing over a period of five weeks.

Government assignment regarding relocation of parts of SSM’s operations

The Government of Sweden has tasked the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) with moving parts of SSM’s organisation to the city of Katrineholm. Katrineholm is around 140 kilometres southwest of Stockholm. The Government has also given SSM the assignment of preparing and transferring tasks required under the Financing Act and Ordinance to the Swedish National Debt Office.

Nordic unity: Greater availability of shaded areas needed for children

A joint statement issued by the radiation safety authorities of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland points out that children who get sunburnt risk developing skin cancer later in life. The Nordic radiation safety authorities recommend that municipal authorities and urban planners develop and design healthy outdoor environments offering shaded areas for children and teenagers.

SSM's consultation response to the land and environmental court: SKB has the potential to fulfil repository safety requirements

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has assessed that the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) has the potential to comply with the Authority’s nuclear safety and radiation protection requirements for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. Consequently, the Authority recommends in its statement of findings to the land and environmental court that the repository system should be deemed a permissible activity according to the Swedish Environmental Code.