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Start / Large accelerator facilities

Large accelerator facilities

Here we provide information about the following research facilities: 

  • ESS (European Spallation Source), and
  • the MAX IV Laboratory.

Both these facilities are currently under construction in Lund, with the respective design bases constituting large proton and electron particle accelerators. These facilities are larger in scale, both in terms of their size and energies compared with present accelerators, for example used by hospitals for radiotherapy (radiation treatment). Even X-ray equipment works as a kind of accelerator, but at much lower levels of energy.

When the power supply to an X-ray tube in a piece of X-ray equipment is cut, this also interrupts the emission of ionising radiation from the device. This is also the case for accelerators, but there is a key difference: if the energy is high enough, radiation from large accelerators can give rise to radioactivity in the material hit by the radiation. This is why large accelerators are subject to more comprehensive radiation protection requirements than (for instance) a piece of X-ray equipment. 






Last updated 2017-03-21