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Police confirm explosive at Ringhals

Swedish police confirmed on 21 June 2012 that an initial report from a forensic analysis establishes that an explosive was present on a vehicle Wednesday at the Ringhals nuclear power plant. The suspected explosive was discovered on a vehicle en route from the Ringhals industrial park into a protected area. The explosive did not enter the facility. It is still assessed that there was no risk of an explosion because the explosive had no detonation device.

Owing to this event, Ringhals has as a precaution raised the security level to the second lowest level of 4. The nuclear power plant will take the decision when it is justified to raise the security level.

Information provided to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority confirms that the nuclear power plants located in Forsmark and Oskarshamn have taken measures to raise their level of security as a precaution in connection with the event at Ringhals. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority is monitoring the situation and maintaining contact with police authorities and the Ringhals plant.

For more information, please contact: The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s press officer on call on +46 8 799 40 20.

Last updated 2012-06-21