2002:04 Qualification of Electrical Components in Nuclear Power Plants. Management of Ageing

The work was finished and reported in Swedish in a limited publication 2000, Ingemansson Rapport H-14061-r-I. As the performed work was regarded to be of more general interest it is published again as a research report by the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate. To be used in the international cooperation in nuclear safety it was also translated into English by the inspectorate, which is this report. The republished Swedish report has the reference SKI Rapport 01:17.

The publication as a report in the inspectorate’s research series does not change the status of the report as a research result and shall not be regarded as an official standpoint of the inspectorate.

A continuation of the work is not presently planned. The experience from the use of the existing results together with the international development will be reviewed. Based on this a decision on possible needs for complementary studies will be taken.

The SKI report 2002:04 has been updated with a new revision and can be find as report 2013:10:
2013:10 Qualification of Electrical Equipment in Nuclear Power Plants - Management of ageing