Our radiation safety work

Radiation is ever-present in society. Natural radiation emanates from bedrock, the sun and from outer space. Radiation is also created through human activities: for example, radiation is used in healthcare in order to diagnose and treat various illnesses.

Nuclear power plants contain fuel that gives rise to radiation. Just to name a few applications, mobile phones, mobile phone base stations, sunbeds, power lines and certain industrial equipment all emit radiation.

We are striving for a society that is safe from harmful effects of radiation through measures designed to increase the level of safety and limit the risks that accompany radiation.

Nuclear power

Nuclear power makes up part of the electricity supply in Sweden. We supervise that these operations are conducted safely by issuing regulations as well as carrying out follow-ups and checks of activities relating to nuclear safety. We check to prevent radioactive substances and nuclear technology from falling into the wrong hands. We also ensure that personnel and the environment are exposed to as little radiation as possible.

Medical exposures

Different forms of radiation are used to examine and treat patients, for example during X-ray examinations and in cancer therapy. We regulate how radiation is to be applied and check compliance with these regulations in order to protect patients, staff and the general public.

Research and industry as well as commercial products and services

Radiation is used in research and industry, for example in laboratories and workshops. Measurement equipment with radioactive sources, also smoke detectors, sunbeds, laser pointers and electronic article surveillance systems, are all examples of products that incorporate the use of radiation. We set guideline values and limits for such products. We also impose requirements on stakeholders so that an application is safe in terms of radiation.

Natural radiation

Radiation is ever-present in our environment. It is our task to provide information about risks and about measures to reduce the harmful effects of natural radiation. Examples of natural radiation include radiation from the sun, radon and outer space.

Radioactive waste

Operating nuclear power plants gives rise to radioactive waste and spent fuel that must be managed and disposed of properly. Radioactive waste is also generated by other types of industries in addition to medical departments and research. Naturally radioactive materials may need to be managed in the same way as waste. We impose requirements on licensees so that waste is managed safely in terms of radiation.

We also contribute to the development of radiation safety internationally by participating in collaborative efforts both in the European Union and globally.