About the Authority

About the Authority

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority reports to the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise and has mandates from the Swedish Government within the areas of nuclear safety, radiation protection, security, and nuclear non-proliferation.

The Authority works proactively and preventively in order to protect people and the environment from the undesirable effects of radiation, now and in the future. We have just over 300 employees with expertise in fields such as engineering, natural and behavioural sciences, law, economics and communications.

We continually strive for development through continuous improvements based on established standards to maintain quality and standards to protect natural and occupational environments.

The Riksdag (Parliament) and Government of Sweden decide on the assignments and budget of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, but like other public authorities in Sweden, we make decisions independently on individual matters.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has a budget of approximately 660 million Swedish kronor. Our work is largely financed through fees and tax funds.

The Authority is headed by Director General Michael Knochenhauer, who has been appointed by the Government.

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