National Metrology Laboratory

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority runs the National Metrology Laboratory for ionising radiation and maintains the national secondary standards for the dosimetric quantities of kerma, absorbed dose and dose equivalent.

The work of the National Metrology Laboratory for ionising radiation encompasses calibrations, checks and quality control as well as development of measurement methods and metrology research.

If your work involves measurement of radiation doses, you can have your instruments calibrated by the National Metrology Laboratory. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority offers calibration and irradiation of instruments used in radiotherapy, X-ray diagnostics and for radiation protection purposes (ionisation chambers, diodes, DAP meters, hand-held instruments, TLD, EPD and surface activity meters). 

The national secondary standards are traceable to the following primary laboratories:

  • Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (France)
  • National Physics Laboratory (England)
  • Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (Germany)

The measuring work of the National Metrology Laboratory is supervised regularly by SWEDAC, the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment, in accordance with the standard SS-ISO 17025.

Quality certificate for the Authority’s calibration work

In August 2010, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority was granted the right to use a logo demonstrating that the calibration work performed by the National Metrology Laboratory meets the requirements imposed by the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM).