Our tasks

The Authority sets requirements for activities and practices involving radiation. We also provide advice on radiation protection. These requirements and our advice are based on scientific grounds. We also provide funding for research work.

Not only do we impose requirements, we also check compliance with them. If we find that an activity is in any way deficient with regard to radiation safety, there are several kinds of action we can take. For example, we can take the decision to immediately stop the activity.

Who is responsible?

The responsibility for radiation safety rests entirely with the individual, or licensee, conducting an activity involving radiation. The task of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority is a supervisory one to ensure that the party responsible conducts the activity in a safe manner.

The Authority has many different roles and tasks

As a regulatory authority, we formulate regulations for activities involving radiation.

As a supervisory authority, we check that those conducting activities involving radiation follow applicable rules and regulations and take responsibility for nuclear safety, radiation protection and nuclear non-proliferation. We do this by, for example, inspecting nuclear power plants and hospitals, as well as industries and universities that use radiation. We also support municipal authorities in their inspections of solariums.

As a licensing authority, we process applications to establish or alter activities involving radiation. We review and make decisions regarding licences and advise the Government on decision-making. Examples of activities that require a licence include the operations of nuclear power plants, use of powerful laser equipment and X-ray equipment, and transportation of radioactive materials.

As an authority with expertise in radiation and nuclear safety, we contribute to the building of knowledge in society within our areas of operation. We do this by financing and monitoring research. We also provide advice and recommendations to the general public on protection from sources of natural radiation, such as radon and the sun.

As an authority for emergency preparedness and response, we coordinate national preparedness for incidents and emergencies involving radiation. We are prepared around the clock to quickly manage the consequences of accidents and incidents involving radiation in Sweden and abroad.

As an authority for international development, we run projects that contribute to radiation protection and nuclear safety in other countries.

As an authority in charge of one of the national environmental objectives, we are in charge of the environmental quality objective “A Safe Radiation Environment”. This objective involves controlling radioactive substances, reducing the incidence of skin cancer, surveying the risks of electromagnetic fields from sources such as power lines and mobile phones, as well as undertaking the necessary measures should we identify a risk.

As a national metrology laboratory, we calibrate instruments used in medicine, research and industry.