Our fundamental values

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM, embraces the fundamental values held by Swedish public administration based on the platform of democracy and human rights, while continually striving to follow the rule of law, maintain efficiency and effectiveness, and have a citizen’s perspective. The fundamental values of the Authority comprise our vision, mission statement and key values. These fundamental values also shape the Authority’s safety culture.

Our vision is:

"A society safe from harmful effects of radiation."

This is our mission statement:

"The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority works proactively and preventively to protect people and the environment from harmful effects of radiation, now and in the future.

We have a systematic and structured approach to continual improvements to our processes in order to develop our operations, render them more efficient and achieve our objectives."

These are our key values:

  • Credibility
  • Integrity
  • Openness

Credibility means pursuing our work on the basis of facts. Credibility is achieved when employees are competent, objective and impartial. ʻCompetenceʼ means employees having the requisite professional skills, education, training and experience.

Integrity means maintaining our independence and not allowing us to be unduly influenced when it comes to our own decisions, standpoints, advice and recommendations. Integrity involves taking charge, both while exercising authority and on an employee level.

Openness means that the work of the Authority is transparent to the outside world and that we clearly and proactively provide information about our work, standpoints, advice, recommendations and decisions. Openness also involves our willingness to be attentive to and consider external views.

The key values are an active component of all our activities. They are for instance used to underpin our decision making.