Governance policy

The perspective of radiation safety is to govern the operations and decision making of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) at all levels of the organisation. This means that SSM complies with applicable legislation and regulations. The governance policy defines SSM's strategic objectives. At the same time, the policy helps us to achieve our vision of a society safe from the harmful effects of radiation, while meeting objectives for quality, the environment, occupational health and safety management, and security.

We influence patterns of behaviour for improvement of radiation safety within our mandates

The Authority's role includes working proactively and preventively in many arenas to develop, improve and promote radiation protection and nuclear safety, and to ensure compliance. We are knowledgeable about risks, hazards and challenges, and adapt our approaches so as to effectively contribute to improving radiation safety and minimising environmental impact. We make use of appropriate tools for influencing behaviours, and base our work on risk-informed inspection programmes. We have a good in-house safety culture.

Our decisions are well founded

Our decisions are made on the basis of the Authority's fundamental values, with a focus on radiation safety. The bases for our assessments are harmonised and consistent. Our management system is certified, and is updated continually in order to underpin effective, efficient and legally compliant processing and management of official matters. We have clearly defined and appropriate rules and regulations giving good predictability on applicable requirements, thus upholding the rule of law. We focus on making continual improvements.

We represent an attractive employer

We have and promote a pleasant workplace with a good work environment giving job satisfaction. We offer meaningful assignments and interesting tasks that give professional development. Our safety culture puts safety and security first, and facilitates cooperation and communication. Leadership offers professional and personal development, and all employees have an active role. We make use of approaches and tools that are effective, efficient and up-to-date.

We work to ensure the availability of appropriate competencies and skills

We sustain the availability of competencies and skills over time so that we can fulfil our mandates. We contribute to sustaining national competence for the needs and requirements of today and tomorrow. We seek, create and establish active forms of cooperation within the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection by working together with regulatory bodies, government agencies, licensees and academia.

We set the tone nationally and internationally

We have active and visible roles in contexts that promote radiation safety, both nationally and internationally. We are attentive to the requirements of interested parties and stakeholders, contribute proactively by communicating facts, and as we are a high-profile public authority, our expertise is sought after. We contribute to fulfilment of Sweden's international commitments in our areas of operation.

Interested parties and stakeholders view us as giving added value

Our work is perceived as beneficial to interested parties and stakeholders.