The MAX IV Laboratory

The MAX IV Laboratory is a synchrotron light facility for studies of molecules and atoms using a high intensity, particular kind of light source in the wavelength area from ultraviolet light (UV) to X-rays. A licence application for the project comprising the MAX IV Laboratory was submitted to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority in 2011. Permission for normal operation was granted on 13 December 2016.

The layout of MAX IV’s synchrotron light facility surrounds a large-scale accelerator and two storage rings for electrons. The facility, located in close proximity to European Spallation Source (ESS), is run under the auspices of Lund University. From the perspective of radiation protection, the risks and problems posed are smaller for the MAX IV Laboratory than those related to ESS. 

Licensing review for the MAX IV Laboratory and project

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has examined the MAX IV research facility’s compliance with the requirements imposed by the Radiation Protection Act, the Authority’s regulations as well as specific licence conditions. The Authority’s licensing review has involved our checking to ensure that the work activities comply with applicable legal frameworks concerning radiation safety and radiation protection. This is to protect people and the environment against harmful effects of radiation.

A licensing review that takes place in several steps

The first step of the Authority’s licensing review encompassed a comprehensive examination of the application for the activity involving radiation. The first authorisation gave the MAX IV project permission to install equipment that has capability to generate ionising radiation. This facility was given permission for installation in May 2013. This was followed by MAX IV needing to acquire a licence in order to commence the facility’s test operation. This took place in July 2013, having since then been gradually expanded to encompass the entire existing facility in autumn 2016. On 13 December 2016, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority issued the MAX IV project a licence for normal operation.