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  • Final pronouncement on repository applications in early 2018

    The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM, which is in the process of examining SKB's applications for a spent nuclear fuel repository under the Act on Nuclear Activities, expects to make its final pronouncement to the Government on 23 January 2018.

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  • National assessment report submitted on ageing management of nuclear power plants

    Forsmark and Ringhals have comprehensive ageing management programmes that comply with the requirements of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and meet international expectations. Also, OKG has developed a programme that needs to be implemented by its organisation. These are conclusions drawn

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  • International best practice workshop in Stockholm on security of radioactive sources

    Challenges relating to security arrangements, implementation of security requirements and regulatory supervision of strong radiation sources are the subjects of an international workshop to be held in Stockholm in January 2018, hosted by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and World Institute

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  • No ruthenium-106 has been detected in air in Sweden since early October

    In early October 2017, low levels of ruthenium-106 were detected in Sweden. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority reported these monitoring results to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Later measurements have shown no levels of ruthenium-106 in Sweden. The Swedish Defence Research

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  • Swedish Radiation Safety Authority proposes new emergency planning zones and distances surrounding nuclear power plants

    A Precautionary Action Zone (PAZ) extending approximately five kilometres, an Urgent Protective Action Planning Zone (UPZ) extending around 25 kilometres, and a supplementary Extended Planning Distance (EPD) of 100 kilometres surrounding Swedish nuclear power plants: these areas were proposed on

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  • New report on Sweden’s implementation of the obligations of the Joint Convention

    On the basis of a Government assignment, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has produced a report on Sweden’s implementation of the obligations of the Joint Convention on the safety of spent fuel management and on the safety of radioactive waste management. On 23 October, this report was

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  • DosReg gives health and medical services tools for averting unnecessary radiation doses

    The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority's new web tool, DosReg, will aid health and medical services in optimising their radiological examinations. The medical care sector is under a regulatory requirement to optimise examination methods to keep radiation doses as low as reasonably achievable.

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  • The EU’s amended nuclear safety directive implemented in Sweden

    The amended Directive concerning nuclear safety is now implemented in Sweden in the form of amendments made to both the Act and Ordinance on Nuclear Activities, in addition to through changes made to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority's regulations. These amended enactments are in effect as

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  • Direct laser scanning of audiences should always be avoided

    Exposing concert and other audiences to direct beams or scanning effects from lasers risks causing eye injuries among the onlookers. For this reason, radiation safety authorities of the Nordic countries – Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark – have together produced a recommendation and

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  • Report on dismantling of nuclear reactors submitted to the Swedish Government

    According to Article 37 of the Euratom Treaty, member states are for example required to provide information to the European Commission when nuclear reactors are to be dismantled and demolished. In order to meet the requirements, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has submitted a report to the

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