International best practice workshop in Stockholm on security of radioactive sources

Challenges relating to security arrangements, implementation of security requirements and regulatory supervision of strong radiation sources are the subjects of an international workshop to be held in Stockholm in January 2018, hosted by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS). The targeted audience includes end users and industry licensed for radioactive sources, as well as regulators in the areas of security and safety from around 50 countries.

On 23 and 24 January 2018, the Authority and WINS, a non-governmental membership organisation, will host an international best practice workshop in Stockholm. The topic will be "Security of Radioactive Sources – The Road to Sustainability and Resilience". The workshop provides a forum in which stakeholders from countries with mature regulatory regimes can discuss challenges and issues relating to security arrangements for high activity radioactive sources.

"Strong radiation sources are used by industry, hospitals, research institutes and the like. In Sweden, around 50 licensees possess and use such sources," says Zlatan Delalic, project manager at the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s Office for International Relations. "High activity radioactive sources are dangerous if they are handled incorrectly or end up in the wrong hands. This workshop will deal with the area of security: the approaches of different countries and what works well and what works less well."

The focus of the workshop will be the first line of defence for sources of radioactivity. The first line of defence is about legislative and regulatory frameworks, implementation of these requirements, and supervisory work and challenges related to these arrangements. In Sweden, regulators and licensees of high activity radioactive sources are invited to this workshop. Attendance is free of charge. The registration deadline is 9 January. Over 50 countries with well-developed regulatory frameworks have been invited to the workshop, and around 50 to 60 attendees are anticipated.

For more information, please contact: Zlatan Delalic, Project Manager, Office for International Relations, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, Tel. +46 8 799 41 04; or alternatively, the Authority’s duty press officer, Tel. +46 8 799 40 20.