Planning for environmental and radiation safety work internationally now reported to the Swedish Government

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM, has proposed in a report to the Ministry of the Environment and Energy that several projects be carried out in the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe in the fields of nuclear safety and radiation protection.

In accordance with its appropriation directions for 2017, SSM submitted the report to the Ministry on 1 May stating its future plans for collaboration with the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Belarus in the area of radiation safety.

"It is our hope that the report will lead to an in-depth discussion with the Ministry of the Environment and Energy and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs regarding the approach and scope that the Government wishes to consider for our proposed future initiatives," says Lars van Dassen, Director of the Office for International Relations at the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority.

In the report, the Authority has proposed several initiatives for future projects in the region. One example is a project on emergency preparedness work in cooperation with Belarus, together with the Belarusian supervisory authority, in order to enhance the capability to respond to a nuclear energy accident in the region. In Georgia, SSM has proposed leading a large-scale project financed by the EU to establish a national waste storage site, and in Moldova, Moldovan public authorities are to receive support for the purpose of developing their capacity and supervisory functions. SSM is also planning several initiatives in Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The assessments made in the report are based on extensive practical and technical knowledge about the needs, weaknesses and risks of the designated countries.

"The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has worked together with these countries for a long time now and we look forward to future dialogue on coordinated planning regarding the main themes and objectives of our presence," says Mr van Dassen.

The above-mentioned report has been submitted to the Ministry of the Environment and Energy.

For more information, please contact: Lars van Dassen, Director, Office for International Relations, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, via the Authority's press officer on +46 8 799 40 20.