Swedish Radiation Safety Authority responds to European Commission's questions regarding components

Deficiencies identified in components supplied to French nuclear power plants have resulted in the European Commission asking other Member States if there is a possibility that their national nuclear power plants might have components with similar deficiencies. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority already maintains long-term dialogue with licensees in Sweden concerning prospective components with deficiencies. The Authority has responded to the European Commission's questions.

As a consequence of the European Commission having received information about deficiencies discovered in components, manufactured by AREVA Le Creusot and the Japan Casting & Forging Corporation, and supplied to French nuclear power plants, the Commission has posed questions to all competent authorities of Member States with nuclear power reactors. This includes Sweden and the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. The European Commission requested information on whether the Authority had asked Swedish licensees if they have components from the two suppliers in question, and on the Authority's approach to ensure that no deficient components are installed at the facilities in the future.

"We have had information about this for a long time now, and have been in contact with Ringhals AB over the past year. They are notified, and were already working on the issues when we contacted them about this. The licensee has dealt with the situation in compliance with the Authority's regulations and we are continuing our follow-ups of this work," says Lars Skånberg, head of section at the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has responded to the questions of the European Commission in letter format.

For more information, please contact: Lars Skånberg, Head of Section, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, Tel. +46 8 799 42 74, or the Authority’s press officer on +46 8 799 40 20.