Stockholm colloquium to highlight 90 years of expertise and the future of radiation protection

Two international commissions, the ICRP and ICRU, are both celebrating their 90th year since their inception. These anniversaries are the theme of a colloquium to be held in Stockholm on 17 and 18 October. The 90th Anniversary Colloquium will highlight 90 years of expertise, radiation science, and radiation protection in the next decade. Programme topics have been selected especially for attendees who work in the field of radiological protection, or whose work relates to this field.

Radiation protection is characterised by complex matters and issues. Apart from scientific aspects, one must also take the values of society into account. Over time, these values can change in terms of whether, and when, it is acceptable to expose a human being to radiation. Taken as a whole, policies, value judgements and science form a standpoint on radiation protection.

The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICPR) and the International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) have for 90 years worked to develop global standards for radiological protection. The commissions were founded in connection with the Second International Congress of Radiology, held in Stockholm in 1928. Together with the ICRP and ICRU, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM, will in October 2018 jointly host an international colloquium on radiation protection. The 90th Anniversary Colloquium will be held in Stockholm, where the commissions were launched 90 years ago.

"The work of the commissions is of great importance for the work of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. Our work takes place in a global context, and shared standards for protection against radiation are of crucial importance when matters and issues are discussed internationally," says Fredrik Hassel, Deputy Director General of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority.

Topics of the colloquium will include various perspectives from the past 90 years relating to radiation science and radiation protection. Another area of focus will be future challenges and the evolution of science and society in the decade to come.

"Areas relating to radiation protection need to be kept foremost in mind, and at this colloquium, we will highlight 90 years of expertise. The focus is on future challenges in the field, with the aims of raising the level of knowledge and awareness, and staying up-to-date on the issues," says Mr Hassel.

The 90th Anniversary Colloquium will be held on 17 and 18 October 2018 at the venue Norra Latin in Stockholm, Sweden.

For more information, please contact: Fredrik Hassel, Deputy Director General, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM), Tel. +46 8 799 41 51; or, alternatively, SSM's duty press officer on Tel. +46 8 799 40 20.

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