2009:03 National Survey on Justification of CT-examinations in Sweden

All examinations in diagnostic radiology shall be justified to avoid unnecessary irradiation of the patients. The objective of the study was to investigate the degree of justification for CT-examinations in Sweden. Referrals for all examinations performed during one day were retrospectively evaluated by a group of physicians. The study was designed and conducted by a project group lead by ass. prof. Håkan Jorulf. The authors of this report have derived the results and conclusions on the basis of the data and are responsible for the content of this report.

The principle result was that approximately 20 % of all examinations were not justified. The degree of justification varied strongly with organ examined, moderately with prescriber affiliation and weakly with geographical region. If unjustified examinations could be avoided a large dose reduction for the population would be achieved.

This study shows that there is a need for improvements and the authority will continue to work with this issue.