96:51 The Flooding Incident at the Ågesta Pressurized Heavy Water Nuclear Power Plant

This report is a Master's thesis in Nuclear Reactor Engineering to be submitted to the SKi (Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate). The work has been performed at the Division of Nuclear Power Safety, KTH,Stockholm. It is an independent investigation of the consequences of the flooding incident at the Agesta HPWR, in Stockholm, Sweden, which occurred on the 1st of May 1969. The issue was raised by an article in 'Dagens Nyheter' on April 23, 1993,which described the incident and speculated about its possible consequences.

The basis for this report is an incident, in which, due to short circuits in the wiring because of the flooding water, the EeeS is momentarily subjected to a pressure much higher than it was designed for. The hypothetical scenario that will be analyzed in this report is the case in which the EeeS subsequently breaks due to the high pressure. As a consequence of the break, the pressure and the water level in the reactor vessel decrease.