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  • 2018:25 UO2 fuel oxidation and fission gas release

    Background The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) follows the research on fuel performance closely. One aspect that has been the main question of several research projects is the fragmentation of fuel pellets during abnormal heat up. In this project the oxidation of UO2 is scrutinized and

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  • 2018:24 Structural equation modelling for analysis of human and organizational factors in nuclear power plant control rooms

    SSM perspective Background During the supervisory work of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM), a need was identified to develop the methods used when evaluating control room work in the central control rooms of nuclear power plants. Benchmarking is commonly used today, with reference

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  • 2018:19 Licensing of safety critical software for nuclear reactors

    Background This report is the 7th revision of the report. The task force was formed in 1994 as a group of experts on safety critical software. The members come from regulatory authorities and/or their technical support organization. The report, without the SSM cover and this page, will be

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  • 2018:18 Procedure for Safety Assessment of Components with Defects

    Background SSM and the Swedish nuclear power plant owners have financed Kiwa Inspecta Technology in Sweden to develop a new version of the handbook for assessment of defects. This represents a major update of the former fracture mechanics handbook that was published at SSM as Research 2008:01.

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  • 2018:17 Assessment of structures subject to concrete pathologies (ASCET), phase 2

    Background ASCET is an international research project initiated by WGIAGE1 OECD2 / NEA3. WGIAGE4 Concrete subgroup is a working group within the OECD / NEA whose task is to address issues concerning the maintenance of the integrity of concrete structures, proposals for general principles to

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