2023:13 TPR 2023 Fire Protection Swedish National Assessment Report

Executive Summary

The European Union’s Nuclear Safety Directive 2014/87/EURATOM (NSD) requires the member states to undertake topical peer reviews (TPR) every 6 years. The first topical peer review concerned Ageing management and started in 2017.

The member states, acting through the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG), decided that the topic for the second topical peer review is fire protection. The objective of the second Topical Peer Review is to examine how well Fire safety Programmes in participating countries meet international requirements on fire safety (in particular WENRA Safety Reference Levels – (SRLs) and the IAEA Safety Standards ). Moreover, the objectives of the Topical Peer Review are to:

  • Enable participating countries to review their provisions for fire safety, to identify good practices and to identify areas for improvement.
  • Undertake a European peer review to share operating experience and identify common issues faced by Member States.
  • Provide an open and transparent framework for participating countries to develop appropriate follow-up measures to address areas for improvement.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) by the provision of the act of nuclear activities (1984:3) can decide by injunction that licensees take the necessary measures required in individual cases for compliance with the act. Based on this legislation SSM in August 2022 decided that licensees operating nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel fabrication, and nuclear fuel deposit should report relevant information according to the technical specification (RHWG Report to WENRA – TPR Technical Specification, 21 June 2022) covering an assessment for fires safety analysis and fire protection, passive as well as active.

This report, issued by SSM, is based on the licensee’s assessments and the results from SSM’s review.

Reports from all licensees were provided to SSM in January and February 2023. SSM checked the licensee reports for inconsistencies and asked for clarifications. Final licensee reports were provided to SSM in August to September 2023. All information was processed and compiled in this report by SSM during March to October 2023. Finally, the Swedish national report was completed and distributed to ENSREG in the end of October 2023. The conclusion by SSM is that all facilities included in this national report have an adequate fire protection.

  • Author: Lars Bennemo, Per Hellström, Anna Häggström, Henrik Hellberg
  • Publisher: SSM
  • Publication date: 2023-11-01
  • Number of pages: 140