2023:04 Kingdom of Sweden ARTEMIS Self-assessment Report 2023


In January 2018, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM, submitted a request to the IAEA on behalf of the Swedish Government for international peer reviews to be conducted of the Swedish national frameworks for nuclear safety regulation (IRRS) and the safe management of spent fuel and radioactive waste (ARTEMIS). In dialogue with the IAEA, and in support of the then Swedish Ministry of the Environment, it was agreed that the IRRS review would be conducted 13-25 November 2022 "back-to-back" with the ARTEMIS review 16-27 April 2023.

The EU Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management Directive (2011/70/Euratom) stipulates that EU Member States shall periodically, and at least every ten years, arrange for self-assessments and invite international peer reviews of their national framework, competent regulatory authority and implementation of the national programme for the management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. There has been no previous international peer review of the national framework for safe management spent fuel and radioactive waste in Sweden, which means that the ARTEMIS mission in April 2023 will be the first such review in accordance with the Directive.

A preparatory meeting was held with IAEA representatives and the nominated chairperson for the ARTEMIS mission on 14 October 2022. Organisational elements of the ARTEMIS mission were discussed and some of the detailed expectations of the IAEA with respect to the conduct of the review were clarified.

This report summarises the results of Sweden's self-assessment in preparation for the ARTEMIS mission. The report has been produced in accordance with the review questionnaire provided by the IAEA. The report is published on behalf of Government of Sweden by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, but has been compiled with the support of a range of public and private actors responsible for the development and implementation of the national programme.


Director General