Radiation protection

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  • 2018:22e ESS research facility Basis for emergency preparedness and response planning

    Summary Northeast of Lund, Sweden, in the area of Brunnshög, is the site of European Spallation Source ERIC (ESS), a research facility that is under construction. When the facility (hereinafter frequently referred to as “ESS”) is commissioned, a linear accelerator will supply protons to a

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  • 2017:27e Review of Swedish emergency planning zones and distances

    Summary On 22 October 2015, the Government of Sweden commissioned the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) to, in consultation with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), relevant county administrative boards and the other authorities and stakeholders concerned, perform a review of

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  • 1986:12 Chernobyl - its impact on Sweden

    In case of a radiological emergency in Sweden, the Swedish National Institute of Radiation Protection (SSI) has the responsibility of organ1z1ng a special task force with experts both from SSI and from other authorities. Reports of increased radiation l evels reached SSI around 10 am on April

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