New knowledge and findings in the area of radiation safety are important for the Authority’s operations. Each year, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority provides funding amounting to around 80 million Swedish kronor that is earmarked for research projects, posts at institutions of higher education and consultant work. The purpose is to strengthen the Authority's body of expertise and Sweden's national competence in the area. When it comes to parties that conduct research involving ionising radiation, the Authority drafts and issues regulations, imposes targeted requirements, carries out regulatory supervision and issues authorisation.

Research funding

Research activities serve as a basis of our official decisions and considerations, and help to enable operations that are efficient, effective and reliable. Research for which funding is provided must be of a high standard, have relevance for the Authority’s mandates and assignments, and be useful for our organisation and tasks. Research findings are also to be disseminated in a way that is fit for purpose.

Research involving ionising radiation

If you conduct research in which ionising radiation occurs, you need to apply for permission for the activity as well as comply with rules and regulations that have been developed to help ensure good radiation safety. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority not only processes applications for authorisation, but also carries out checks to verify that research work involving radiation is conducted in compliance with regulations and that researchers take their responsibility.