European Spallation Source (ESS)

European Spallation Source (ESS) is a centre for research that is undergoing construction in Lund, Sweden, by European Spallation Source ERIC, a European consortium. The first licence application for the ESS facility was submitted to the Authority in 2012. Taking place in several steps, this review will be ongoing until the ESS facility has been completed and can begin routine operation.

At this facility, European Spallation Source plans to build a neutron source for the purpose of studying materials at molecular and atomic levels, enabling applications in materials research in a multitude of diverse fields such as medicine, biology, chemistry, physics and engineering.

The task of the Authority

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority is examining whether the ESS facility meets the requirements imposed by the following:

  • The Radiation Protection Act with the appurtenant ordinance
  • The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s regulations
  • Decided permit conditions

European Spallation Source ERIC has the task of ensuring that the facility meets all requirements.

The review process

Since 2012, the review process has been ongoing. The following steps must be reviewed by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority before the ESS facility can be in routine operation

  • admissibility, including environmental assessment
  • installation
  • trial operation, and
  • routine operation.