2015:01 Technical Note, Rock Mechanics - Thermal properties and thermal modelling of the rock in a repository of spent nuclear fuel at Forsmark – Main Review Phase

In preparation for the review of SKB's license application for a disposal of spent nuclear fuel, SSM has conducted a series of modelling studies related to the design, construction and long-term safety of a repository at Forsmark. Several of the presented modelling works are related to the thermal evolution of the repository with time. This report extracts the results from independent SSM reports and compares the results with the thermal modelling performed by SKB.

In the course of the thermal evolution of the repository, an expansion of the rock mass at repository level may be expected and this will superimpose additional stresses to the in situ state of stress. This may influence the rock deformability and strength and potentially also the groundwater flow in the near- and far-field of the repository.