2007:06 Probabilistic Safety Goals - Phase 1 -Status and Experiences in Sweden and Finland

Based on a series of interviews and on literature reviews as well as on a limited interna- tional over-view, the project has described the history and current status of safety goals in Sweden and Finland. A number of issues were discussed more in detail, including the status of the safety goals in view of the fact that they are often exceeded, strategies for handling violations of safety goals, and relation between safety goals defined on diffe- rent levels, e.g., for core damage and for unacceptable release. The results from the project can be used as a platform for discussions at the utilities on how to define and use quantitative safety goals. The results can also be used by safety authorities as a reference for risk-informed regulation. The outcome can have an impact on the requirements on PSA, e.g., regarding quality, scope, level of detail, and documentation. Finally, the results can be expected to support on-going activities concerning riskinformed applications.