2017:32 COMRAD – Comprehensive investigation of the performance of computed and digital radiography


Within the industry, there has long been a need to replace the traditional X-ray film and its handling. These both for economic and environmental considerations.

Both computed radiography and digital radiography offer many advantages over the traditional use of x-ray with film. However, the transition from film-based radiography requires in-depth knowledge of the relationship between these different methods.

NUGENIA proposed in the ENIQ Task Group on Qualifications Working Group a joint venture project under the name COMRAD. A number of parameters were proposed that needed to be studied in depth within the framework of this project. These studies will then form the basis of an ENIQ (NUGENIA) recommended practice for digitized X-ray technology.


The purpose of the project is to conduct an overall study of digital x-rays to identify important parameters that affect the performance of a digital x-ray system. This in order to have a consistent approach to the preparation of inspections and related technical justifications.

This study will form the basis of an ENIQ (NUGENIA) recommended practice for digital radiography. ENIQ recommended practice will provide guide lines for assessment of technical justifications, for important and influential parameters in this test area and for optimization of defect content in the manufacture of test blocks.

SSM's objectives contributing within this project have been to build up expertise in digital radiography for qualification activities and enable further development of the research that Chalmers University of Technology has carried out in the field of digital x-ray technology through a licentiate project that SSM and the Swedish nuclear license holders have previously financed. Further, it is important for SSM to promote international participation to spread and raise knowledge in this area.


This project have resulted in a number of influencing parameters that may be required to take into account when using digital radiography. As it´s mentioned before these results will form the basis of an ENIQ (NUGENIA) recommended practice for digital radiography.