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  • 1985:26 Light Resin Curing Devices -A Hazard Evaluation

    This report has been worked out in an effort to give answers to some of the questions concerning curing devices used in the odontology. Recently such questions have frequently been submitted to the Institute of Radiation Protection and have mainly dealt with hazards from an ergophthalmologic

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  • 1985:08 Radioaktiva ämnen i byggnadsmaterial

    Denna rapport redovisar samtliga aktivitetsbestämningar av byggnadsmaterial som har utförts vid statens strålskyddsinstitut (SSI) under åren 1962 och 1972 1984. Proverna har undersökts med avseende på de naturligt förekommande radionukliderna 232 Th, 226

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  • 2017:34 Human capability to cope with unexpected events

    Background In the light of the Fukushima accident, it stood clear that the challenge of the unexpected is of great importance to both regulators and licensees. For SSM, as for many other national regulators, there was a selfevident need to learn more about the capabilities and actions of people

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