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  • SKI Report 2008:01 Reliability Data for piping Components in Nordic Nuclear Poer Plants "R-Book" Project Phase 1

    SKI Report 2008:01 - “Reliability Data for Piping Components in Nordic Nuclear Power Plants - R-Book Project Phase I” – is a planning document for a new R&D project to develop a piping component reliability parameter handbook for use in probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) and related...

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  • 2008:06 Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique in Ultrasonic Inspection of Coarse Grained Materials

    Experience from the ultrasonic inspection of nuclear power plants has shown that large focused transducers are relatively effective in suppressing grain (structure) noise. Operation of a large focused transducer can be thought of as an integration (coherent summation) of individual beams...

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  • 2008:30 A model for fission gas release from mixed oxide nuclear fuel

    Nuclear fuel containing mixed oxide (MOX) pellets have been used since the 1960's. MOX fuel pellets are made from a mixture of uranium and plutonium oxide. MOX allows the large quantities of fissile isotopes produced and remaining in spent nuclear fuel from light water reactors to be...

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  • 2007:43 ProLBB - A Probabilistic Approach to LeakBefore Break Demonstration

    The SKI regulation SKIFS 2004:2 allows for the use of Leak Before Break (LBB) as one way to provide assurance that adequate protection exists against the local dynamic consequences of a pipe break. The way to demonstrate that LBB prevails relies on a deterministic procedure for which a leakage...

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  • 2007:26 Safety Culture Enhancement Project Final Report

    At the International Conference on Safety Culture in Nuclear Installations, organized by IAEA in 2002, one concluding remark was that the regulators should encourage a sincere interest in safety culture among licensees. In line with this SKI wanted to explore a proactive path to encourage the...

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  • 2007:31e Safety and Radiation Protection at Swedish Nuclear Power Plants 2006

    Safety related problems in the electric systems of the Forsmark 1 reactor were the dominant event in Swedish nuclear power plants in 2006. The incident has had a significant impact on our attitude towards the reliability of how safety systems function both in Sweden and abroad. In connection...

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