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  • 2012:22 A dosimetric intercomparison between the radiation therapy clinics in Sweden

    In general the study showed a good agreement between the results from the audit team and the local team. The examination of the reference dosimetry showed an excellent agreement between the absorbed dose determined by the audit team and the local team. The spread of the results among the...

    Innehållstyp: Publikationer
  • 2012:20 Report from SSM’s scientific council on ionizing radiation within oncology, 2011

    Many cancer patients are treated in accordance with written guidelines or clinical trial protocols. The scientific council states that the radiotherapy part in those guidelines and protocols is less well specified than other therapies such as surgery and chemotherapy. This report identifies the...

    Innehållstyp: Publikationer
  • 2012:02 Evaluation of activity build-up experiments

    This project aims to understand how the water chemistry affects the activity build-up on surfaces in different systems in Swedish nuclear power plants, which in turn provides information on conditions required to reduce the radiation exposure to power plant staff. The study was done to obtain...

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