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  • 2007:09 DECOVALEX-THMC - Task C

    This report describes the results of Task C1 of the international DECOVALEX– THMC project devoted to Excavation Damage Zone (EDZ) in argillaceous rock at the Tournemire site in France. Task C of the project is aimed to understand the physical phenomena induced by excavation in the argillaceous

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  • 2007:10 DECOVALEX-THMC - Task D

    The DECOVALEX project is an international cooperative project initiated by SKI, the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, with participation of about 10 international organizations. The name DECOVALEX stands for DEvelopment of COupled models and their VALidation against Experiments. The general

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  • 2007:35 Urananrikning med laser och plasmaseparation - en analys med fokus på exportkontroll

    Den nu resulterande rapporten berör kortfattat några generella principer för laseranrikning, både separation av atomärt uran – AVLIS - och separation av uran i molekylär form – MLIS. Vidare berörs mycket översiktligt några andra metoder inklusive plasmaseparation.

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  • 2007:04 Link Between RI-ISI and Inspection Qualification: Relationship between Defect Detection Rate and Margin of Detection

    A relationship has been established between defect detection ratio and margin of detection based on blind trails. The results are based on a rather small amount of data produced by personnel from one inspection laboratory but give us indications of how signal to noise ratio is possible to relate

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  • 2007:06 Probabilistic Safety Goals - Phase 1 -Status and Experiences in Sweden and Finland

    Based on a series of interviews and on literature reviews as well as on a limited interna- tional over-view, the project has described the history and current status of safety goals in Sweden and Finland. A number of issues were discussed more in detail, including the status of the safety goals

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  • 2007:13 Elektrokemiska aspekter på korrosion i svenska reaktorinneslutningar

    Samtliga svenska reaktorinneslutningar är konstruerade av spännarmerad betong. Ingjutningsgods i betong skyddas normalt mot korrosion genom att porvattnet i betongen är starkt alkaliskt. Denna miljö medför att stål passiveras. Under speciella omständigheter kan

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  • 2007:15 Evaluation of the FRAPTRAN -1.3 Computer Cod

    The FRAPTRAN-1.3 computer code has been evaluated regarding its applicability, modelling capability, user friendliness, source code structure and supporting experimental database. The code is intended for thermo-mechanical analyses of light water reactor nuclear fuel rods under reactor power

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  • 2007:14 Review of experimental data for modelling LWR fuel cladding behaviour under loss of coolant accident conditions

    This project has contributed to the research goal of giving a basis for SKIs supervision by means of evaluating experimental data and modelling the nuclear fuel cladding during a design base accident. The project has also contributed to the research goal to develop the competence about licensing

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  • 2007:27 Kompetensöverföring på svenska kärnkraftverk i samband med pensionsavgångar

    Rapporten visar att ett av Sveriges tre kärnkraftverk har ett program för kompetensöverföring. På de två som saknar program efterfrågas mer struktur inom området, även om man redan nu arbetar med mentorer eller handledare. Genomgående är upplevelsen

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  • 2007:39 Influence of Crack Morphology on Leak Before Break Margins

    The SKI regulation SKIFS 2004:2 allows for the use of Leak Before Break (LBB) as one way to provide assurance that adequate protection exists against the local dynamic consequences of a pipe break. The way to demonstrate that LBB prevails relies on a deterministic procedure for which a leakage

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