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  • 2012:11 Issues in the corrosion of copper in a Swedish high level nuclear waste repository

    The objective with this research project was to increase knowledge in the area of copper corrosion in the planned repository environment and obtain information on how copper corrosion evolves during the assessment period of 100 000 years.  The equilibrium chemical composition

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  • 2012:08 Deterministic Assessment of Future Costs for Dismantling (FA)

    In this study a model for advanced deterministic cost calculation has been used to find a parametric value on the cost for dismantling of the FA-facility. The study gives good description of good practise to collect, test and utilise input data in a systematic way in order to make prudent cost

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  • 2012:03 The IAEA Integrated Regulatory Review Service Mission to Sweden in February 2012

    The Swedish Government decided on January 22, 2009 to mandate the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM, to apply for an international review of the Author-ity and its areas of supervision, an ‘IRRS’ (Integrated Regulatory Review Service) carried out by the International Atomic Energy Agency

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  • 2011:34 Evolution of hydrogen by copper in ultrapure water without dissolved oxygen

    One result from this research was that the experimental difficulties of repeating Hultqvist and co-workers work are considerable and were initially underestimated. The main challenge was to obtain satisfactory tightness of all connectors involved in the experimental set-up. The problems with

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  • 2011:31 Allocation of Decommissioning and Waste Liabilities

    A crucial task for the present generations is to ensure that environmental liabilities are identified sufficiently well so that it may be possible to accumulate the corresponding necessary financial assets in the Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund. Adequate funding will provide forthcoming generation’s

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  • 2011:22 Infiltration of dilute groundwaters and resulting groundwater compositions at repository depth

    The planned Swedish concept for final disposal of spent nuclear fuel includes copper canisters placed in deposition holes at about 500 m depth in granitic bedrock. The copper canisters will be surrounded by bentonite buffer with the objective of inhibiting groundwater flow adjacent to the

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  • 2011:21 Workshop on spent fuel performance and radionuclide chemistry -Rånäs 2010: Assessment of some outstanding issues

    The safety assessment for final disposal of spent nuclear fuel has to comprehensively address the stage when containment barriers have failed and when radionuclide releases occur to the surrounding groundwater at repository depth. Essential processes for estimating risk/dose related to this

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  • 1997:05 SKI SITE-94

    The Swedish Industry program for deep geological disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste is now in the early stages of the site selection process, with feasibility studies underway in 5 to 10 municipalities. According to the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co.,

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