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  • 2020:07 Fibre Clogging in Nuclear Power Plants

    SSM perspective Background Emergency core cooling systems in boiling- and pressurized water reactors use strainers. Their purpose is to  out foreign material suspended in the cooling water so this material does not reach the reactor. After the 1992 event at Barsebäck nuclear power plant

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  • 2020:02 Models for axial gas flow and mixing in LWR fuel rods

    SSM perspective Background Fission gases inside a fuel rod plays an important role in the behaviour of the fuel, both during normal operation and during events and accidents. Fission gases are released from inside the fuel pellets to the gap between the pellet and the cladding tube and then flow

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  • 2019:27 Effect of residual stress on ductile fracture at low primary loads – Numerical study

    SSM perspective Background Present report is a continuation of earlier work reported in SSM2009:27 regarding an analysis strategy for fracture assessment of defects in ductile material and SSM2011:19 on the influence from residual stresses on crack initiation and ductile crack growth at high

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  • 2019:25 Maskulinitet, risk och säkerhet vid ett svenskt kärnkraftverk

    SSM perspektiv Bakgrund Likt anställda vid ett järnverk, ett pappersbruk eller en oljeplattform omges även personalen vid ett kärnkraftverk av olika slags risker som hanteras genom ett mer eller mindre lyckosamt säkerhetsarbete. Kärnkraften är en högriskbransch

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  • 2019:23 Participation in the European Committee for Standardization's workshop regarding civil structures

    SSM perspective Background During the period 2014-2018, a CEN1 workshop (Phase 2 Prospective Group 3 civil works) have been carried out. The aim of the workshop is to provide a base founded on the French standard in order to be able to establish a possible future European standard for the design

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  • 2019:20 Assessment of structures subject to concrete pathologies (ASCET), phase 3

    SSM perspective Background ASCET is an international research project initiated by WGIAGE1 OECD2 / NEA3. WGIAGE Concrete subgroup is a working group within the OECD / NEA whose task is to address issues concerning the maintenance of the integrity of concrete structures, proposals for general

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  • 2019:13 Organisatoriska risker avseende strålsäkerhet i ekonomiskt pressade lägen

    SSM perspektiv Bakgrund Kärnkraftsbranschen befinner sig i en ekonomiskt pressad situation. Höjda säkerhetskrav, åldrade anläggningar som kräver mer underhåll och låga elpriser leder till att resursanvändningen måste maximeras. Stora projekt pågår

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  • 2019:03 Evaluation of the hydrodynamic model in PARET/ANL

    Background The fuel rod analysis program SCANAIR has been developed by IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire) for analysis of reactivity initiated accidents (RIA) in light water reactors. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) has access to SCANAIR in exchange

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  • 2019:02 Research within technical safeguard at Chalmers University of Technology during 2016-2017

    Summary The Division of Subatomic and Plasma Physics in Chalmers, formerly the Division of Nuclear Engineering, has performed research in nuclear safeguards and non-proliferation since 2004, with support from SSM and its predecessor, SKI. Due to various organizational and personnel changes in

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  • 2019:01 Research within technical safeguard at Uppsala university during 2016-20

    Summary Uppsala University has since January 2016 undertaken an extensive research programme in technical nuclear safeguards within the framework of contract SSM2016-661, including in total 3 PhD students and 7 senior researchers. This report marks the final reporting covered by this contract.

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