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  • 2013:36 Technical Note, Review and assessment of aspects of the Qeq concept – Main Review Phase

    This technical review assignment considers the models and abstractions that Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) developed to represent transport of dissolved constituents in the near field at the Forsmark site, in particular the Qeq abstraction for diffusive transport.  SKB uses the Qeq parameter to scale concentration gradients in order to estimate dissolved-species...

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  • 2013:34 Technical Note, Seismology – Post-glacial seismicity and paleoseismology at Forsmark

    Metoden som SKB använder för att förutse seismisk risk för slutförvaret skiljer sig i två avseenden från gängse förfarande. För det första, förkastningsrörelser inom förvaret är beräknade utifrån numeriska bergmekaniska modeller i stället för genom en Probabilistisk riskanalys för förkastningsrörelse...

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  • 2013:35 Technical Note, Rock Mechanics – Confidence of SKB’s models for predicting the occurrence of a damage zone around the excavations – Main Review Phase

    This assignment, performed at Southwest Research Institute, focusses on evaluating SKB’s assessment of potential occurrence of damaged rock zones (also referred to as excavation-damaged zone or EDZ) around underground excavations at the site. This report presents the authors’ evaluation of SKB’s assessment in the specific area based on questions raised by SSM. The evaluation includes...

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  • 2013:33 Technical Note, Seismology – Frequencies and mechanisms. -Initial review phase

    The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) reviews the Swedish Nuclear Fuel Company’s (SKB) applications under the Act on Nuclear Activities (SFS 1984:3) for the construction and operation of a repository for spent nuclear fuel and for an encapsulation facility. As part of the review, SSM commissions consultants to carry out work in order to obtain information on specific issues. The...

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  • 2013:31 Aesthetic ultrasound devices – current state of knowledge and suggested measurement set-up for characterization of exposure

    This report concerns the ultrasound devices used for the aesthetic purposes of body contouring and fat reduction (ablation of adipose tissue). Such devices have recently become more frequent on the Swedish market. These ultrasound devices are currently not medically regulated in Sweden and little is known about their safety and potentially harmful exposure when using them. This report aims to...

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  • 2013:32 Upparbetning av utbränt kärnbränsle - En studie med fokus på exportkontroll

    Rapporten beskriver principerna för upparbetning samt egenskaperna hos utbränt kärnbränsle där sammansättningen hos det i reaktorn bildade plutoniumet är av avgörande betydelse för kärnvapenframställning till skillnad från civil upparbetning. Rapporten går igenom ett antal upparbetningsmetoder, både äldre metoder samt nya,...

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  • 2013:30 Laser pointers and Eye injuries - An analysis of reported cases

    The safety limits that exist for human exposure of laser radiation are essential to reduce the risk of injuries. These values, however, give very little information on what tissue damages that may be expected at various elevated exposure levels. Similarly, the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSM) has very little information on how such tissue damage is related to the impairment of the...

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  • 2013:10s Kvalificering av elkomponenter i kärnkraftverk - Hantering av åldring

    Syftet med arbetet har varit att skapa ett underlag att användas vid planering av arbetet med miljökvalificering av framför allt komponenter i inneslutningen. Principerna är även tillämpbara utanför inneslutningen i områden som kommer att utsättas för ökad miljöpåkänning i samband med olika händelser. Rapporten är...

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  • 2013:29 Regulatory Approaches in Nuclear Power Supervision

    The objective of this follow-up study was to support SSM in further understanding regulatory approaches and how they can be combined as part of effective strategies. The survey was intended to assist SSM in identifying current standards, experiences, and practices in the regulation of nuclear power plants. The results will also be valuable for the participating authorities as well as other...

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  • 2013:28 Brine intrusion by upconing for a high-level nuclear waste repository at Forsmark. Scoping calculations

    The objective of this study is to evaluate the possibility of salt-water migration to the spent nuclear repository. This objective is motivated by the adverse impacts of water with too high salinity entering the repository and by the uncertainty of the relevant hydraulic and hydrogeochemical conditions at the Forsmark site at great depths. To analyse density dependent flow and salt transport...

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