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  • 2008:11 Discrete-Feature Modelling of Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport for SR-Can Review

    Review External review contribution in support of SKI's and SSI's review of SR-Can. The work presented in this report is part of the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate’s (SKI) and the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority’s (SSI) SR-Can review project. The Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste

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  • 2008:30 A model for fission gas release from mixed oxide nuclear fuel

    Nuclear fuel containing mixed oxide (MOX) pellets have been used since the 1960's. MOX fuel pellets are made from a mixture of uranium and plutonium oxide. MOX allows the large quantities of fissile isotopes produced and remaining in spent nuclear fuel from light water reactors to be

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  • 2007:43 ProLBB - A Probabilistic Approach to LeakBefore Break Demonstration

    The SKI regulation SKIFS 2004:2 allows for the use of Leak Before Break (LBB) as one way to provide assurance that adequate protection exists against the local dynamic consequences of a pipe break. The way to demonstrate that LBB prevails relies on a deterministic procedure for which a leakage

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  • 2007:31 Säkerhets- och strålskyddsläget vid de svenska kärnkraftverken 2006

    Säkerhetsproblemen i el-systemen vid reaktor Forsmark 1 var den dominerande händelsen i de svenska kärntekniska anläggningarna under 2006. Händelsen har fått stor betydelse för synen på tillförlitligheten när det gäller säkerhetssystems

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  • 2007:26 Safety Culture Enhancement Project Final Report

    At the International Conference on Safety Culture in Nuclear Installations, organized by IAEA in 2002, one concluding remark was that the regulators should encourage a sincere interest in safety culture among licensees. In line with this SKI wanted to explore a proactive path to encourage the

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  • 2007:29 Intercomparison of Cement Solid-Solution Models

    Many concepts for the geological storage of radioactive waste incorporate cement based materials, which act to provide a chemical barrier, impede groundwater flow or provide structural integrity of the underground structures. Thus, it is important to understand the long-term behaviour of these

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  • 2007:32 Low pH Cements

    Concrete and cement are used in constructions as well as in conditioning of waste in repositories for radioactive waste. The development of low pH cements for use in geological repositories for radioactive waste stem from concerns over the potential for deleterious effects upon the host rock

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  • 2007:31e Safety and Radiation Protection at Swedish Nuclear Power Plants 2006

    Safety related problems in the electric systems of the Forsmark 1 reactor were the dominant event in Swedish nuclear power plants in 2006. The incident has had a significant impact on our attitude towards the reliability of how safety systems function both in Sweden and abroad. In connection

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  • 2007:30 Modelling the Interaction of Low pH Cements and Bentonite

    Concrete and cement are used in constructions as well as in conditioning of waste inrepositories for radioactive waste. It is well known that in the hyperalkaline conditions (pH > 12) of standard cement pore fluids, there is potential for deleterious effects upon the host rock and other EBS

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  • 2007:18 Marvikenreaktorn - ett industripolitiskt utvecklingsprojekt i otakt med tiden

    Den statliga Atomenergiutredningen tillsattes 1955 och publicerade sin rapport i början av 1956. Med utgångspunkt från diskussionerna inom utredningen offentliggjorde Vattenfall samtidigt planer på två reaktorprojekt Adam och Eva. Det statligt finansierade forsknings- och

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