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  • 1985:08 Radioaktiva ämnen i byggnadsmaterial

    Denna rapport redovisar samtliga aktivitetsbestämningar av byggnadsmaterial som har utförts vid statens strålskyddsinstitut (SSI) under åren 1962 och 1972 t.om. 1984. Proverna har undersökts med avseende på de naturligt förekommande radionukliderna 232 Th, 226

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  • 1985:26 Light Resin Curing Devices -A Hazard Evaluation

    This report has been worked out in an effort to give answers to some of the questions concerning curing devices used in the odontology. Recently such questions have frequently been submitted to the Institute of Radiation Protection and have mainly dealt with hazards from an ergophthalmologic

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  • 1986:12 Chernobyl - its impact on Sweden

    In case of a radiological emergency in Sweden, the Swedish National Institute of Radiation Protection (SSI) has the responsibility of organ1z1ng a special task force with experts both from SSI and from other authorities. Reports of increased radiation l evels reached SSI around 10 am on April

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  • 1993:11 Methods for determination of strontium -90 in food and environmental samples by Cerenkov counting

    The procedure for determination of strontuim-90 (=yttrium-90) by HDEHPextraction of yttrium-90 and counting the Cerenkov radiation in a liquid scintillation counter, is applicable for all kind of samples. Prior to analyses liquid samples are evaporated to dryness and ashed. Environmental and

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  • 1997:04 Magnetfält i elektriska lok

    Svenska järnvägar drivs med 15 kV 16 2/3  Hz enfas växelström. l denna rapport redovisas mätningar av magnetfält vid förarplatsen i elektriska lok. Undersökningen gjordes dels i ett äldre elektromekaniskt lok, dels i olika nyare tyristorstyrda

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  • 1997:08 Storheter för strålskyddsarbete

    ICRU har definierat särskilda mätbara (opetativa) storheter föt strålskyddsarbete. En konsekvens av att de operativa storheterna används blir att handburna dosmätare och persondosmätare i samma bestrålningssituation kan ge olika mätresultat. Skillnaderna

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  • 1999:13 Determination of the Neutron and Photon Dose Equivalent at Work Places in Nuclear Facilities of Sweden

    Various mixed neutron-photon fields at workplaccs in the containment of pressurised water reactors and in the vicinity of transport containers with spent fuel elements were investigated with spectrometers and dosimeters.The spectral neutron fluences evaluated from measurements with multisphere

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  • 2007:02 Strålmiljön i Sverige

    Rapporten beskriver, och redovisar resultat från, den strålmiljöövervakning som bedrivits i Sverige sedan 1950-talet. Genomsnittliga doser till befolkningen och till speciella befolkningsgrupper redovisas också. En stor del av övervakningen har rört nedfallet och

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  • 2007:02e Radiation Environment in Sweden, summary

    The radiation environment to which the population of Sweden is exposed is dominated by medical investigations and background radiation from the ground and building materials in our houses. That is the conclusion of the first general Swedish summary of environmental monitoring data and dose

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  • 2007:04 Recent Research on EMF and Health Risks. Fourth annual report from SSI’s Independent Expert Group on Electromagnetic Fields, 2006

    This year’s report includes a preamble in which the work process of the group is described. In particular the methods for evaluation of the results of studies as well as for synthesizing the scientific evidence within a research area are described. A recent childhood leukaemia study from Japan

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