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  • 2008:18 Concerns when designing a safeguards approach for the back-end of the Swedish nuclear fuel cycle

    Sweden has for many years collected the spent nuclear fuel originating from nuclear power plants. This fuel must at all times be kept under supervision to render a diversion impossible; this is of course due to the possibility to make weapons from the material. One idea is to keep the nuclear...

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  • 2005:44 Urananrikning med gascentrifugering

    Den nu resulterande rapporten berör kortfattat teorin och några generella principer för gascentrifugering, vilken utrustning som kan komma ifråga, indikatorer på anrikning med gascentrifugering, mm. Vi har valt att låta rapporten vara översiktlig utan att gå...

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  • 98:35 Nuclear Fuel Assembly Assessment Project and Image Categorization

    /Publikationer/Rapport/Icke-spridning/1998/9835/ C. S. Lindsey (1), T. Lindblad (1), K. Waldemark (1), L. Hildningsson (2). (1) Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. (2) Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, Stockholm, Sweden. July 1998 SKI English...

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  • 1995:19 Non-destructive Assay of Spent BWR Fuel with High-resolution Gamma-ray Spectroscopy

    A method, based on high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy, has been developed for verification of burnup, cooling time, power history and, to some extent, the initial enrichment of spent BWR fuel. It is shown that, provided that the power history is known and corrected for, bumup and cooling...

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