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  • 2022:11 Kingdom of Sweden IRRS ARM Summary Report 2022

    The IAEA Integrated Regulatory Review Service Mission to Sweden in November 2022...

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  • 2019:04 Dosimetry in environments surrounding a laser-plasma accelerator

    SSM perspective Background Modern laser technology makes it possible to generate ultrashort pulses with a very high peak power. At the Lund Laser Centre, a high-power laser facility in Lund, Sweden, laser pulses having a duration of approximately 30 femtoseconds are generated with a maximum peak power of up to 40 terawatts. When these pulses are focused, extreme light intensity is achieved.

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  • 2015:54 Retinal injuries from handheld lasers: An updated report

    Jörgen Thaung, Cesar Lopes and Stefan Löfgren SSM English...

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  • 2013:30 Laser pointers and Eye injuries - An analysis of reported cases

    The safety limits that exist for human exposure of laser radiation are essential to reduce the risk of injuries. These values, however, give very little information on what tissue damages that may be expected at various elevated exposure levels. Similarly, the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSM) has very little information on how such tissue damage is related to the impairment of the...

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