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  • 2010:16 Guidance to Risk-Informed Evaluation of Technical Specifications using PSA

    No guidance documents for risk-informed analysis and assessment of changes in Limiting Conditions for Operation (LCO:s) in TS (Technical Specifications) have been available in the Nordic countries. In the U.S. several guidance documents, primarily developed by the owners groups for PWRs and

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  • 2010:12 An Evaluation of Models of Bentonite Pore Water Evolution

    The pore-water composition of a KBS-3 bentonite buffer may gradually change as a result of reaction between groundwater and buffer minerals. The rather minor occurrences of the most rapidly reacting minerals in the buffer will have the most immediate and observable influences, but contributions

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  • 2010:09 Copper Thermodynamics in the Repository Environment up to 130˚C

    The mechanisms of copper corrosion for a KBS-3 repository for spent nuclear fuel need to be known with a high level of confidence. This is because the overall rate of copper canister corrosion (accounting for corroding species concentrations, geochemical conditions and the mass transport

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  • 2010:08 Development of COLLAGE 3

    The issue of colloid-facilitated radionuclide transport (CFRT) was last addressed by the Swedish nuclear regulators (SKI at that time, now integrated into SSM) in 2001 – 2002. SKI had commissioned the Collage code with subsequent development as Collage 2. This code was employed to investigate

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  • 2010:07 Indicators of safety culture – selection and utilization of leading safety performance indicators

    Safety indicators play a role in providing information on organizational performance, motivating people to work on safety and increasing organizational potential for safety. The aim of this report is to provide an overview on leading safety indicators in the domain of nuclear safety. The report

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  • 2010:05 Discrete-Feature Model Implementation of SDM-Site Forsmark

    SSM has been following the investigations of the two candidate sites for a repository for spent nuclear fuel that the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) have been undertaking. SKB has reported the results of the investigations as site descriptive models. These models will

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  • 2010:01 Licensing of safety critical softwarefor nuclear reactors

    – Common position of seven European nuclear regulators and authorised technical support organisations

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