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  • 2002:23 Validation of dose calculation

    This report describes a validation of the computer codes RESRAD-RECYCLE and CERISE, which are used to estimate radiation doses due to the recycling of scrap metal. Calculated external radiation doses to individuals are compared with measured data from different steps of the processing of...

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  • 2002:22 Review of data types for the SKB site investigation programme

    SKB is currently undertaking a detailed site investigation programme (SIP) to characterise the geology and surface ecosystems in areas around potential sites for a planned repository for spent nuclear fuel. This report reviews site specific and generic data types needed to characterise...

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  • 2002:20 Expert Opinion in SR 97 and the SKI/SSI Joint Review of SR 97

    The role of sensitivity and uncertainty analyses for radioactive waste disposal assessments is reviewed. The report covers a description of the these concepts were applied in the authorities’ review of the safety report SR 97. /Publikationer/Rapport/Stralskydd/2002/200220/ Stephen Hora SSI...

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  • 2002:18 A Review of Models for Dose Assessment Employed by SKB in the Renewed Safety Assessment for SFR 1

    This document provides a critical review, on behalf of SSI, of the models employed by the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co (SKB) for dose assessment in the renewed safety assessment for the final repository for radioactive operational waste (SFR 1) in Forsmark, Sweden. The main...

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  • 2002:17 Review of Project SAFE: Comments on biosphere conceptual model description and risk assessment methodology

    The Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company’s (SKB’s) most recent assessment of the safety of the Forsmark repository for low-level and intermediatelevel waste (Project SAFE) is currently undergoing review by the Swedish regulators. As part of its review, the Swedish Radiation...

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  • 2002:19 Expert Judgement Elicitation

    The report describes a trial expert panel elicitation with 4 experts in the field of radioecology. /Publikationer/Rapport/Stralskydd/2002/200219/ Stephen Hora and Mikael Jensen SSI English...

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  • 2002:15 Regulator’s Workshop on The Role of Future Society and Biosphere in Demonstrating Compliance with High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Standards and Regulations

    This report summarizes the proceedings of a workshop, co-sponsored by the U.S. Environ-mental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSI), held September 11–13, 2001 in Stockholm, Sweden. The invitations to participate in the Workshop were primarily extended...

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  • 2002:16 Epidemiologic Studies of Cellular Telephones and Cancer Risk – A Review

    Cellular telephones emit and receive radiofrequency (RF) signals between about 450 and 2200 MHz which fall in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum. A RF wave from a cellular telephone contains billions of times less energy than an x-ray and is not capable of inducing ionizations...

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  • 2002:14 Review of C-14 inventory for the SFR facility

    The Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSI) is currently reviewing SKB’s continuing assessment for disposal of radioactive waste to the SFR facility at Forsmark. Among the wastes disposed are reactor operating wastes. Among the relevant radionuclides is C-14, which is relatively difficult...

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  • 2002:13 SSI’s review of SKB’s RD&D programme 2001

    In the report SSI’s review of SKB’s RD&D programme 2001 is presented. In the review SSI comments, among other things, the decision making process, the need for a strategy document, SKB’s safety and system analysis and SKB’s biosphere studies /Publikationer/Rapport/Stralskydd/2002/200213/...

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