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  • 2014:05 Technical Note, Assessment of flows to deposition holes – Main Review Phase

    SKB’s conceptual model for flow through the fractured rock at Forsmark is based on a division between highly fractured deformation zones (described in terms of deterministic geometry), and the more sparsely fractured rock (described in terms of statistical geometry). The model for the highly

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  • 2014:04 Global Non-proliferation ‘Clubs’ vs. the NPT

    The study analyses the relationship between the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, NPT and various initiatives and institutions (‘clubs’) based outside the NPT framework, which aims to improve and strengthen the Treaty. The study identifies conflicts and possible synergies and proposes options

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  • 2014:03 Report from SSM’s scientific council on ionizing radiation within oncology, 2012

    In this report, a finalized version of a radiotherapy protocol template for external beam radiotherapy is presented. The focus is on procedural aspects, while issues regarding clinical evaluation during and after treatment are not dealt with. The use of this radiotherapy template is encouraged

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  • 2014:01 Cost Estimating for Decommissioning Nuclear Reactors in Sweden

    In Sweden, decommissioning cost estimates are core inputs to the process of calculating licensee contributions to the Swedish national fund for radioactive waste management and decommissioning. Under the present system, the decommissioning cost estimates are produced by licensees every three

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