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  • 2015:25 Design Guide for Nuclear Civil Structures (DNB)

    The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) and the Swedish licensees have previously in a jointly funded research project developed a design guide for civil structures at Swedish nuclear facilities to be based on Eurocodes, DNB. The report was published in January 2014 as SSM Report 2014:06.

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  • 2012:61 Geochemical Constraints on Buffer Pore Water Evolution and Implications for Erosion

    Mineralogical data from the Forsmark Site show that smectite and calcite occur at all depths in Forsmark fractures, with no evidence for removal/dissolution by previous glacial episodes.  This natural analogue information implies that these minerals may not have been eroded/dissolved...

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  • 2012:11 Issues in the corrosion of copper in a Swedish high level nuclear waste repository

    The objective with this research project was to increase knowledge in the area of copper corrosion in the planned repository environment and obtain information on how copper corrosion evolves during the assessment period of 100 000 years.  The equilibrium chemical composition of groundwater...

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  • 2011:34 Evolution of hydrogen by copper in ultrapure water without dissolved oxygen

    One result from this research was that the experimental difficulties of repeating Hultqvist and co-workers work are considerable and were initially underestimated. The main challenge was to obtain satisfactory tightness of all connectors involved in the experimental set-up. The problems with...

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