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  • 2002:04 Qualification of Electrical Components in Nuclear Power Plants. Management of Ageing

    The work was finished and reported in Swedish in a limited publication 2000, Ingemansson Rapport H-14061-r-I. As the performed work was regarded to be of more general interest it is published again as a research report by the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate. To be used in the international

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  • 2001:23 Interactions of Severe Accident Researchand Regulatory Positions (ISARRP)

    This project, started on April 1, 1999, had the specific objectives of determining whether; (i) the focus of the severe accidents (SA) research is consistent with that of the regulatory authorities, (ii) the results obtained so far by SA research satisfy the regulatory concerns, (iii) the

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  • 1999:13 Determination of the Neutron and Photon Dose Equivalent at Work Places in Nuclear Facilities of Sweden

    Various mixed neutron-photon fields at workplaccs in the containment of pressurised water reactors and in the vicinity of transport containers with spent fuel elements were investigated with spectrometers and dosimeters.The spectral neutron fluences evaluated from measurements with multisphere

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  • 1997:40 Aging of Electrical Components in Nuclear Power Plants

    The purpose of the study reported in SKl Technical Report 93:39 was to evaluate qualification methods for application to components intended to be installed in the containment of nuclear power plants. The study included application of Arrhenius' criterion for thermal aging as well as

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  • 1997:12 Study of International Published Experiences in Joining Copper and Copper-alloys

    This study has revealed a number of joining processes to be used when manufacturing copper-canisters for the final storage of high level nuclear waste. However, the decision on which material and which joining process to be used has to be based on the design criterions. The welding procedure has

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  • 1996:70 Risks from Nuclear Waste

    The first part of this review discusses the importance of risk. Man seems to have a longing for risks, like a part of the human nature. If risks are missing, they have to be invented, as needed parts in the emotional attraction of sports, amusement parks, traveling, etc.; this is the emotional

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  • 96:51 The Flooding Incident at the Ågesta Pressurized Heavy Water Nuclear Power Plant

    This report is a Master's thesis in Nuclear Reactor Engineering to be submitted to the SKi (Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate). The work has been performed at the Division of Nuclear Power Safety, KTH,Stockholm. It is an independent investigation of the consequences of the flooding incident

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  • 96:40 Status and Use of PSA in Sweden

    The performance and use of PSA:s in Sweden goes back about two decades. During all of this time, the field of PSA has been developing intensively, both internationally and within Sweden. The latest years have been characterised by an increased use of PSA models and results, and by major

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  • 1995:19 Non-destructive Assay of Spent BWR Fuel with High-resolution Gamma-ray Spectroscopy

    A method, based on high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy, has been developed for verification of burnup, cooling time, power history and, to some extent, the initial enrichment of spent BWR fuel. It is shown that, provided that the power history is known and corrected for, bumup and cooling

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  • 1995:70 Crack Characterisation for In-service

    During in-service inspection by non destructive testing the reliability is highly dependent on how the equipment is adjusted to the specific object and to the anticipated crack features. The crack feature and morphology vary widely between different cracking mechanisms and between material

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