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  • 2009:31 A Review of the Decommissioning Costs of the Ranstad Site

    The main objective of this study has been to review the future cost to decommission and dismantling the industrial area at the site of the old uranium mine at Ranstad in Sweden. Analyses of some detailed comparative empirical information have been used in the context of preliminary

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  • 2009:28 Biogeochemistry of Redox at Repository Depth and Implications for the Canister

    The present groundwater chemical conditions at the candidate sites for a spent nuclear fuel repository in Sweden (the Forsmark and Laxemar sites) and processes affecting its future evolution comprise essential conditions for the evaluation of barrier performance and long-term safety. This

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  • 2009:30 A Review of Evidence for Corrosion of Copper by water

    The planned spent nuclear fuel repository in Sweden relies on a copper cast iron canister as the primary engineered barrier. The corrosion behaviour of copper in the expected environment needs to be thoroughly understood as a basis for the post-closure safety analysis. It has been shown that

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  • 2009:22 Alternative modelling of brittle structures in a sub-area of the SKB candidate area at Forsmark, eastern Sweden

    A reasonable understanding of the character of the bedrock hosting a deep geological repository, i.e. the natural barrier, is an important component in the safety assessment of the deep geological repository for spent nuclear fuel. The structures in the rock, together with the regional stress

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  • 2009:21 The geological history of the Baltic Sea a review of the literature and investigation tools

    The bedrock in Sweden mainly comprises Proterozoic magmatic and metamorphic rocks older than a billion or one and a half billion years with few easily distinguished testimonies for the younger history. For construction of a geological repository for deposition of nuclear waste it is important

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  • 2009:19 Review of SKB’s Quality Assurance Programme

    SKB is preparing a license application for the construction of a final repository for spent nuclear fuel in Sweden. This application will be supported by the safety assessment SR-Site for the post-closure phase. The assessment of long-term safety is based on a broad range of experimental

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  • 2009:09 Analysis of three sets of SWIW tracer test data using a two-population complex fracture model for matrix diffusion and sorption

    For the non-sorbing tracer uranine, both the finite and the semi-infinite populations play a distinct role in controlling BTC. For the sorbing tracers Cs and Rb the finite population does not saturate, but acts essentially semi-infinite, thus the BTC behaviour is comparable to that obtained for

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  • 2008:57 Discrete Feature Model (DFM) User Documentation

    This manual describes the DiscreteFeature Model (DFM) software package for modelling groundwater flow and solute transport in networks of discrete features. A discretefeature conceptual model represents fractures and other waterconducting features around a repository as discrete conductors

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  • 2008:10 International Expert Review of SR-Can: Engineered Barrier Issues

    The Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) has recently submitted a license application for the construction of a spent fuel encapsulation plant. SKB plans to submit a further license application in 2009 for the construction of a repository for the disposal spent nuclear fuel.

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  • 1997:05 SKI SITE-94

    The Swedish Industry program for deep geological disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste is now in the early stages of the site selection process, with feasibility studies underway in 5 to 10 municipalities. According to the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co.,

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