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  • 2012:10 Technical Note, Review of the Geomicrobiological Aspects of SKB’s Licence Application for a Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository in Forsmark, Sweden

    The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) reviews the Swedish Nuclear Fuel Company’s (SKB) applications under the Act on Nuclear Activities (SFS 1984:3) for the construction and operation of a repository for spent nuclear fuel and for an encapsulation facility. As part of the review, SSM...

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  • 2012:11 Issues in the corrosion of copper in a Swedish high level nuclear waste repository

    The objective with this research project was to increase knowledge in the area of copper corrosion in the planned repository environment and obtain information on how copper corrosion evolves during the assessment period of 100 000 years.  The equilibrium chemical composition of groundwater...

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  • 2012:08 Deterministic Assessment of Future Costs for Dismantling (FA)

    In this study a model for advanced deterministic cost calculation has been used to find a parametric value on the cost for dismantling of the FA-facility. The study gives good description of good practise to collect, test and utilise input data in a systematic way in order to make prudent cost...

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  • 2012:07 Implementation of the Master Curve method in ProSACC

    Cleavage fracture toughness data display normally large amount of statistical scatter in the transition region. The cleavage toughness data in this region is specimen size-dependent, and should be treated statistically rather than deterministically. The Master Curve (MC) methodology is a...

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  • 2012:06 Decommissioning Cost Assessment

    The future costs for dismantling, decommissioning and handling of associated radioactive waste of nuclear installations represents substantial liabilities. It is the generations that benefits from the use of nuclear installations that shall carry the financial burden. Nuclear waste programmes...

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  • 2012:05 Sweden’s Co-operation with Eastern Europe in Radiation Safety 2011

    In 2011, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority implemented co-operation projects in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania and Moldova, based on instructions from the Swedish Government and agreements with the European Union and the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency, SIDA. The...

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  • 2012:03 The IAEA Integrated Regulatory Review Service Mission to Sweden in February 2012

    The Swedish Government decided on January 22, 2009 to mandate the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM, to apply for an international review of the Author-ity and its areas of supervision, an ‘IRRS’ (Integrated Regulatory Review Service) carried out by the International Atomic Energy Agency...

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  • 2012:02 Evaluation of activity build-up experiments

    This project aims to understand how the water chemistry affects the activity build-up on surfaces in different systems in Swedish nuclear power plants, which in turn provides information on conditions required to reduce the radiation exposure to power plant staff. The study was done to obtain...

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