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  • 2002:18 Nuclear Weapons Research in Sweden. The Co-operation between Civilian and Military Research, 1947-1972

    This report is also available in Swedish: 2002:19 Kärnvapenforskning i Sverige. Samarbetet mellan civil och militär forskning, 1974-1972 /Publikationer/Rapport/Icke-spridning/2002/200218/ Dr Thomas Jonter, Uppsala University, Department of History, S:t Larsgatan 2 SKI English...

    Innehållstyp: Publikationer
  • 2002:25 Development of a High Sensivity Digital Cerenkov Viewing Device

    Prototype Digital Cerenkov Viewing Device. Field test in Sweden /Publikationer/Rapport/Icke-spridning/2002/200225/ J.D. Chen(1), A.F. Gerwing(1), P.D. Lewis(2), M. Larsson(3), K. Jansson(3), B. Lindberg(4), E. Sundkvist(5), M. Ohlsson(6), (1) Channel Systems Inc., 402 Ara Mooradian Way, Pinawa,...

    Innehållstyp: Publikationer
  • 2001:16 Seven Law Concepts on Nuclear Non-Proliferation

    The Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) is the foundation for both national and international supervision and control of nuclear material, equipment and technology. States that are parties to the NPT are committed to adhere to the requirements and conditions that follow from...

    Innehållstyp: Publikationer