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  • 2011:34 Evolution of hydrogen by copper in ultrapure water without dissolved oxygen

    One result from this research was that the experimental difficulties of repeating Hultqvist and co-workers work are considerable and were initially underestimated. The main challenge was to obtain satisfactory tightness of all connectors involved in the experimental set-up. The problems with leakage resulted in that the research program originally planned for in this project had to be reduced...

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  • 2011:33 Mathematical modelling of ultrasonic testing of components with defects close to a non-planar surface

    The report describes work that has been performed in order to model ultrasonic testing of components that contain a defect close to a non-planar surface. The studies have been performed in both 2D and 3D, and in 2D in both the anti-plane (SH) and the in-plane (P-SV). The results show that the presence of a non-planar back wall can reduce the detectability of defects close to the surface. The...

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  • 2011:32 The Euratom Treaty v. Treaties of the European Union: limits of competence and interaction

    Generally regulation under the Euratom Treaty could be divided into two main groups: areas explicitly regulated by the Euratom Treaty (promotion of research and dissemination of knowledge; health and safety; encouragement of investment; supplies; safeguards; the nuclear common market) and areas which are in the competence of the Euratom Community, but are not laid out in the Euratom Treaty (...

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  • 2011:10e Review and evaluation of the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company’s RD&D Programme 2010. Statement to the Government and summary of the review report

    In accordance with Section 25 of the Ordinance (1984:14) on Nuclear Activities (Nuclear Activities Ordinance), the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) shall review and assess the research, development and demonstration programme (RD&D programme) that the reactor licensees are obligated to establish in accordance with the Act (1984:3) on Nuclear Activities (Nuclear Activities Act).

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  • 2011:31 Allocation of Decommissioning and Waste Liabilities

    A crucial task for the present generations is to ensure that environmental liabilities are identified sufficiently well so that it may be possible to accumulate the corresponding necessary financial assets in the Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund. Adequate funding will provide forthcoming generation’s with the financial means to decommission and dismantle older nuclear facilities that are part of...

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  • 2011:30 A fatigue analysis including environmental effects for a pipe system in a Swedish BWR

    The effect of the environment on fatigue design has been the subject of intense study in USA, Japan and elsewhere. Several reports indicate a potentially large influence of the environment, leading to the proposal of entirely new analysis procedures. SSM has in an earlier project sponsored research to evaluate the technical basis for these proposals, see SSM Research Report 2011:04. In the...

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  • 2011:29 Research and Development Program in Reactor Diagnostics and Monitoring with Neutron Noise Methods, Stage 17

    This report constitutes Stage 17 of a long-term research and development program concerning the development of diagnostics and monitoring methods for nuclear reactors. Results up to Stage 16 were reported in SKI and SSM reports, as listed below and in the Summary. The results have also been published in international journals and have been included in both licentiate- and doctor’s degrees.

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  • 2011:28 Utredning av ansvaret för Ranstadsverkets avveckling

    Frågan om avveckling, inklusive rivning, av den kärntekniska anläggningen vid Ranstadsverket aktualiserades successivt under 2006–2008. Det visade sig då att det rådde oklarhet om vilket eller vilka bolag som kunde ha ansvar för denna avveckling, ekonomiskt såväl som för genomförandet. Under denna tid och fram till slutet av 2009 hade de berörda...

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  • 2011:27 Riskanalyser inom extern strålbehandling

    Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten (SSM) arbetar pådrivande för att skydda människor och miljö från oönskade effekter av strålning. Inom sjukvård används strålning vid olika diagnostiska undersökningar och behandlingar. SSM verkar för att användningen av strålning inom sjukvård är säker för såväl...

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  • 2011:26 The influence of temperature and fluid pressure on the fracture network evolution around deposition holes of a KBS-3V concept at Forsmark, Sweden

    In preparation for the review of SKB’s license application for disposal of spent nuclear fuel, SSM is conducting studies to evaluate the performance of the multi-barrier principle on which the KBS-3 concept is based. Copper canisters containing the spent nuclear fuel are placed into granitic bedrock at about 500 m depth and embedded in clay. Thus, the rock, the clay and the copper canister...

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