1990:18 Some Estimates of the Total NuclideInventory in the Year 2100 from Swedish Nuclear Power Production

The total nuclide inventory in spent fuel from the swedish nuclear power programme has been estimated for three cases.

  1. All reactors were arrumed to operate until the year 2010 and then shut down simultaneously. All fuel used was assumed to be based on enriched natural uranium.
  2. The reactors were assumed to shut down after 25 years of commercial operation, but not later than in the year 2010. Also in this case all fuel was assumed to be based on natural uranium.
  3. All reactors were assumed to operate until the year 2010 and shut down simultaneously. Fuel for two large boiling water reactors, F3 and 03, was assumed to be based mainly on reenriched uranium from reprocessed LWR fuel after 1995.

In addition some yearly production rates are compared for standard natural uranium fuel and re-enriched recycled uranium from reprocessing of spent fuel.