1997:05 SKI SITE-94

The Swedish Industry program for deep geological disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste is now in the early stages of the site selection process, with feasibility studies underway in 5 to 10 municipalities. According to the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co., SKB (SKB RD&D Programme, 1995), the ongoing siting process involves selection of two sites for surface-based investigations by around the year 1998, and submission of a licence application for detailed underground investigations and for commencement of construction of a deep repository, at one of these sites, in the first years of the next century.

In preparation for upcoming reviews of licence applications, the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, SKI, has developed an independent expertise for conducting performance assessments. The foundation for SKI's capability was laid in SKI's previous performanceassessmentexercise, Project-90, published in 1991. SITE-94, which commenced in 1992, builds on the methodology developed in Project-90, but is focused on further development in specific areas, such as handling of site-specific data and analysis of systems and scenarios. The developments in SITE-94 have provided SKI with expertise and analysis tools that, with limited updating, can be applied as a regulatory tool in SKI's future work. This report summarises the results of the four-year SITE-94 programme.

  • Utgivare: SKI
  • Utgivningsdatum: 1997-01-31
  • Antal sidor: 100